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CEP Outreach

In 2012 CEP disbursed 266,512 loans to its clients. The average loan size was USD 446.


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CEP is a non-profit Vietnamese microfinance institution that operates in the provinces of Southeastern Vietnam and the Mekong Delta. CEP's Head Office is located in Ho Chi Minh City.


The vision of CEP is to see significant improvements in the living conditions of the poor and the poorest in Vietnam through the efficient, effective and sustainable provision of microfinance services, delivered by CEP and other MFIs operating within a sound legal framework.


The mission of CEP is to work with, and for, the poor and poorest to realise sustained improvements in well-being, through the provision of financial and complementary non-financial services in an honest, efficient and sustainable manner.

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  • To provide microfinance services to the poor and poorest, enabling them to begin small businesses.
  • To reduce poverty by creating income-generating activities among the poor to permit gradual increases in well-being.
  • To reduce the rate of unemployment among the poor.
  • To involve the poor in building solidarity, teamwork, shared responsibilities, and a sense of community in maintaining a clean environment and healthy social conditions.
  • To expand microfinance services to reach as many poor as possible while remaining a financially sustainable institution.
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